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Luke and Victoria Peterson have owned and operated L & V Cattle Co. since early 2016, but have cared for commercial cattle on their own land most of their lives. Luke and Victoria have selected cattle that meet high standards for adaptability, fertility, milking-ability and beef production. Their customers are the most important part of their business, and they work tirelessly to ensure you complete and for as long as you are their customer. Luke and Victoria love meeting fellow cattlemen and women like you and invite you to the ranch to hand pick your bulls and heifers anytime throughout the year.

As a child, Luke started his cattle career in the show ring with registered Charolais cattle and spent much of his younger years working towards several acres and the highest quality of cattle in the region. His wife, Victoria, spent her childhood packed around in a pumpkin seat from sale barn to sale barn, with a family who has been in the livestock industry for decades. In 2021, Luke and Victoria along with family members opened Wright County Livestock Auction in there hometown. Having a life-long history in the cattle business, Luke and Victoria look forward to passing along these traditions to their children and are thankful for the roots their families and cattle have given them. Luke & Victoria welcomed their first child, Cade Thomas to the world in October of 2018 and will soon be welcoming another baby boy to the herd.